About Marie At Tea

Marie At Tea endeavors to extensively review Afternoon Tea across the UK, among other similar excursions, to help you choose the most fabulous places available to eat scones in style.

Within my reviews I will cover location, atmosphere, service, taste, quantity and value for money to provide an easier way to pick the perfect place for Afternoon Tea.

Marie At Tea is not endorsed by any company or product.


10 thoughts on “About Marie At Tea”

  1. fantastic blog! will be popping in often!

  2. I linked your site in my blog. Where are you from? x

    • Thanks that’s great!
      I’m based in Buckinghamshire. About half an hour West of London.

      • Ahhh im in Tooting sw London. Have you had tea at the Dorchester? My friend said it was really good there. Where is the best place you have been? What is your job? x

        • I haven’t been to the Dorchester yet, unfortunately it breaks my rule of not paying more than £25 for a Tea. There are certain places like the Ritz that I would consider breaking the rule for but only for very special occasions (like a Dad’s B-day for example!). Another one I plan on breaking my rule for due to it’s individuality is the Berkeley’s Fashionista Afternoon Tea which looks fantastic.
          And I wish I could say my job was as a professional Afternoon Tea eater… maybe one day…

  3. Hi Marie, we love your blog, so we awarded you with a Liebster Blog Award. You can read about it on our post: http://blog.freddieandcinnamon.com/2012/03/18/hurray-we-got-liebster-blog-award/ Good luck, and have a lovely day!
    Freddie & Cinnamon

  4. Oh. My. Goodness.

    Marie, what a fantastic blog! Wonderful writing and photography. I admire your dedication to what is obviously a very tough gig!
    😀 ♥


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