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It’s been far too long since I last posted a blog, but my reasons for this are because I spent the last few weeks preparing for my weekend in France at the beautiful Vaux Le Vicomte. Once a year they invite visitors to dress in costume and picnic on the grass in their stunning gardens.

This was my first trip to the palace and after the wonderful time I had it will certainly not be my last.

We arrived on the Saturday and that evening we visited the Chateau for their candlelit evening and fireworks. They decorated the entire palace gardens with candles and halfway through the evening put on a firework display grand enough to match those held by it’s previous owner way back in the 17th century.

The perfect start to my mini break!

The next morning I woke up early enough to achieve the size of hair required by any self respecting courtier and hoped that the dress I had only finished sewing in the car on the way would actually fit me.

It did.

Posing in the car park.

My crazy historical hair.

When we arrived we ate breakfast in the grounds and did a bit of people watching, which I assure you is much more interesting when almost every person you watch is dressed like a member of Louis XIV’s court.

There were various entertainments throughout the day, including some gorgeous dressage horses and dueling musketeers, but even just walking through the palace and grounds in suitable costume was fantastic.

And best bit of all? It didn’t pour down with rain!