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It’s fair to say that Afternoon Tea is trending right now. Having come in and out of fashion over the years since it’s inception, right now taking tea is officially the thing to do. But some people are taking it further than just drinking the tea, they’re actually choosing to wear it.

How can you wear afternoon tea, I hear you ask. Well, here are a few examples I’ve found to inspire or amuse you.


Above are two examples from the Etsy shop I Love Crafty. They have an adorable collection of whimsical jewellery inspired by Afternoon Tea. If you’re more adventurous with your fashion choices then these are a great way to accessorize and show off your passion.

Home Decor:

For those who like to surround themselves with the things they love here are some interesting housewares to perk up the decor.

First we have a teapot cushion from Bumblebee Cottage Shop. They have a number of teapot designs to choose from, all very Cath Kidston-esque.

Next is a vintage tea cup and saucer from T N Cake that has been transformed into a candle. Such a simple but effective idea. I actually own three of these and they also smell great, and can still be used once the candles are finished with.

Lastly we have an upcycled tea tin clock from Reigruche Studio. Firstly it’s vintage, and don’t we all love a bit of vintage in our decor, and secondly it’s just a fantastically quirky idea. I doubt you’ll find these clocks in Ikea any time soon.


Perhaps you have friends or family that share your passion for Afternoon Tea. Sharing is caring and the best way to do that could be with a tea cup card from The Vintage Drawer.

If you’re particularly generous and are buying a gift to go with the card then how about a teapot tag from Tori’s Custom Creations so your special someone knows exactly who to thank.


And lastly, if all of the above isn’t enough to quench your thirst for Afternoon Tea related goods then how about showing the world how much you care about this noble pass time with a Tea Tee from My Cup Of Tea.

If for you a teapot is just the thing that gets in the way of the cake stand then how about a skirt covered in goodies from Rooby’s. Perfect for a hot summer’s day picnic.

Perhaps you’re the kind of person who likes to eat cake by day and party by night, and want something a little edgier than a t-shirt? For you I’ve found this underbust corset from Corsets and Curves, nothing hides a day of scone scoffing like forcibly squashing a cake belly into shape with one of these.

So whether you wear your passion or just eat it, I hope you have been as inspired as I was.