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Trying to keep Valentines day fresh and interesting can seem like more of a chore than a celebration. Getting the right mix of romance, class and individuality can be a struggle, which is why Afternoon Tea is surely the perfect solution.

Whether you choose the intimate touch and go homemade, choose romantic and reclusive in a small local tea shop, or go the whole hog at a grand hotel, it really covers all the bases.

The fact that it consists mainly of finger food keeps it fun and less formal than a full meal without being too casual. And every time you go for tea it always feels like a special occasion.

So if, like me, you think Afternoon Tea is the perfect Valentine’s treat here are some options:


Scones and a quality brand of tea are of course the staples of this meal, and recipes for English scones can be found with great ease, but to make it a little bit special and add that Valentine’s touch here is a shortbread recipe from a highly informative tea based blog that you might like to try: Once Upon A Tea

Rustic Tea Shop:

Combine a beautiful location with rustic historical ambience and you end up with somewhere like Sally Lunn’s. I have had the pleasure of an afternoon tea here and the character adds as much the experience as the traditional food.

Hotel Afternoon Tea:

For the complete wined and dined experience you simply can’t beat a Champagne Afternoon Tea. Although it can be a little pricey there are often Valentine’s day deals to be found on websites such as Afternoon Tea, and voucher sites such as Groupon or Wowcher.

My personal choice for this option would be the Milestone’s Valentine’s Chocolate Fountain Tea. I had my first ever proper Afternoon Tea here, and while many top hotels can feel a bit cold or unapproachable the Milestone has a much more intimate atmosphere. The chocolate fountain adds a twist to the usual menu and if the level of traditional service and quality of the food is the same now as it was then you won’t be disappointed.