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So while I await my first Afternoon Tea experience with Tophams Hotel I thought I would share with you the event which is currently foremost in my mind, and that is my birthday trip to Vaux Le Vicomte, the stunning French palace which inspired the palace of Versailles (one of my favourite places in the whole world) Check out the Chateau du Versailles official Website here.

The Chateau Vaux Le Vicomte holds an annual one day event where visitors can attend the chateau’s Journees Grand Siecle,  a celebration of Vaux le Vicomte’s history. Visitors attend in full 18th century costume and enjoy schedule of events such as artistic fencing, which is a sight worth beholding with a backdrop like this.

Chateau Vaux Le Vicomte

I can hardly contain my excitement. The opportunity to have Afternoon Tea in full costume at a palace is the stuff my dreams are made of! Also a sideline hobby of mine happens to be historical costuming so I will be making myself a dress for the event, but costumes are available to hire at the location itself (and you get cheaper tickets for making the effort).

You can check out some photos of the previous year’s Journees here, courtesy of “18th Century Blog”. And of course, after my visit, I will be able to supply a full review of the day’s events.

For more information here’s a link to the official website’s event page available in both English and French: Journees Grande Siecle de Vaux le Vicomte